Arguing with your wife

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by enochbenjamin, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Take it from me - arguing with your wife before trading is a bad idea - cost me big time today!
  2. LOL ... and it always will ... :D

    That's a much more important lesson than trading, hope it sunk in.
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    Lol! Damn right! She should be more important than trading anyway if she is his 'other half'.

    Personally, I dont think trading (especially day trading) or any other rational decision making should be undertaken following emotional upheaval. if you're not clear, you're gambling.
  4. The market is a jealous mistress.
  5. Do not trade if you have any think else on your mined, even if you are sick stay away from trading. Its mind game…
  6. Clever. I like it.
  7. LOL. Been there. I totally agree. You gotta be able to enter the market with a clear head.

  8. Seeing as how this is Valentine's Day, I hope you're making up for it. :D
  9. yep .. gotta trade like a machine - no emotions
  10. Why the @#$% were you arguing with my wife? :confused:
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