Arguing with Liberals

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Dec 10, 2012.

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  5. These posters reminded me of meeting my first liberal. He was a co worker and really, I thought he had some interesting ideas. At any rate he had a cool job and one day I said to him, "Move over I want to do what you're doing."

    Over the next several months, I kept on doing this. Asking him and him letting me learn and do his job. Chris thought I was a putz, for doing his work.

    One day the big boss saw me working and said. "Hey, what are you doing, that's Chris's job."

    I said, "No problem boss I got it under control, Chris lets me do all his work."

    The boss fired Chris. I took his job. Now I got the boss by the balls. I said, "Ya know boss, I need a raise, I'm doing my job and Chris's job."

    so I got my raise and got rid of that goddam liberal at the same time.

    The end.