ARGOSY Trading Desk

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by CA04, Feb 8, 2009.

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  2. While it looks nice in the pictures, most of what you're paying for is most likely unnecessary and even just adds useless "bulk" to your desk.

    All these desks really serve is as monitor stands.

    I think they were actually designed when CRT's were around and then adapted to when flat panels became the norm.

    Then again, just my opinion.
  3. i'll take my ikea jerker over that anytime. not just because of price either.
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    Half moon trading desk on ebay listing #350165237945
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    3,000 desk??


    although tt looks nice , there is very little room for anything else ( ie. papers, charts, drink, etc) that might need to be referenced easily during trading hours

    I'm sure there is more elegant solution for your setup
  6. Yes...BUT..