Argh! Gotta get the 24

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by musclemoney, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. After being Independent for some time, and having the main office as OSJ, I was informed that I have to get the Series 24 in the next 45 days.:(

    Oh well, we're planning on bringing on a few guys/gals in my office who also have their Series 7, 66, and 3, and have to have it to be the OSJ, and supervise. (the 3 isn't necessary for them, but helpful)

    Any of you who have recently taken it able to recommend prep materials besides STC? Nothing bad about STC, just hear there are better materials out there like flashcards, discs, and more importantly test tips for the 24.

    Surprisingly for me, I did well on the 7,66, & 3 when it came to the math, fundamentals, technicals, options, etc., HOWEVER, I HATE the rules/regs crap, so this one has me wondering if I'm going to be investing in no-doz, and an ulcer medicine.:eek:

    This should be fun pulling this off while managing a practice, and recruiting other Advisors/Brokers...
  2. Do what ever you can not to have a 24.
  3. Please elaborate. Thanks!