Argentines risking all to carry huge wads of cash

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  1. Argentines risking all to carry huge wads of cash


    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — The "marker" lurks inside the bank, looking for people pulling large amounts of cash from a safe deposit box or bank account. The gunmen linger outside, usually on motorcyles, waiting to make their move.

    For people like Carolina Piparo, eight months pregnant and carrying a purse full of cash for a down payment on her first home, gangs like these are an unavoidable risk in today's Argentina, where the underground cash economy is fueling a frightening new crime wave.
  2. Bunch of morons, they complain their government and the banks steal their money, but why do they elect the socialists and corporatists again and again.
    Peronism is one of the greatest disgraces of a political party in any Latin American country.
    And Obama is the USA's Peron.
  3. People vote with their hearts and fuzzy feelies when they hear about how it's going to be different this time with promises of utopia if you vote for such and such. They only want reassuring words to make them feel good. Don't actually think about it, feeeeel it. Politicians are totally obsessed with themselves, they can only have it good so what does it matter if they don't do what is best for their country.

    You can't get rid of the sobs, the people voting are clueless. And for those that know better, there is no New World to escape to, to form a more perfect union.
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    And just when I was thinking the U.S. has many of the worst politicians in the world.
  5. Wow...doesnt that sound EXACTLY like the way the last election went here?
  6. Was this about Argentina, or is this a description of Obama's vision for America's future?

    I think the latter, or both. Except, in the future, Americans will be stuffing Chinese currency under their mattress.
  7. People in Argentina complain a lot, but they are about to re-elect the culprits: the peronists. What a bunch of masochistic idiots. And why are the Kirchners so popular these days? Keynesian Stimulus, oldest electoral trick of populist cheaters and thieves.

    Overcoming a collapse in approval ratings to under 20%, the Kirchners now seem poised to win a third successive presidential election – something not even the Peróns achieved.

    "I have never seen a case before of an Argentine president bouncing back in the polls like this," said Eduardo Fidanza of the Poliarquía polling company.

    An unexpected economic recovery fuelled by government spending has helped double the president's rating to just under 40%, which is considered enough to win presidential elections set for October 2011.
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    Buzzy, you wouldn't happen to be Martin Schwartz would you?

    I'm almost finished reading the book, "Pit Bull," and the Author goes by "Buzzy."

    Great book, btw!:)
  9. I'm not that Buzzy, but yes, it's a great book.
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    Just thought I'd take a guess at that one. Never know...
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