Argentine 2001 vs USA 2009?

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    Interesting video on what people went through when the Peso was devalued.

    I am posting part 4 of 11 from a documentary titled Argetina Ahora o Nunca ("Now or Never")

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    While I think there a stretches in comparing Argentina with the US, argentina had a horrendous political system and unstable government.

    The similarities are striking where

    1. In the 90's they pursued a debt based growth strategy. Finance became a huge industry and their manufacturing base was exported as they focused on imports via the dollarization of the economy.

    2. They built up a huge foreign external debt.

    3. They monetized the debt in order to bail out the major companies. Their bailout spread and ended bailing out all the major corporations and multinationals.

    4. The policies resulted a ginarmous wealth transfer from the citizens to the corporations and banks by socializing what were private debts and effectively wiping out all private savings.

    5. Highly Passive population no matter how outrageous the government behavior they just couldnt get around to do anything but march. We dont even do that.
  2. the US will be fine as they have a strong manufacturing base and the dollar as world currency.

    If you're looking for the next Argentina, the UK is your best candidate.

    It's actually a mix between Argentina and Iceland :eek:
  3. The EU will come and save them but first we demand the head of the queen on a stick.:p
  4. In future do your homework young man !!!

    Look at Eurozone government debt spreads over German Bunds before you say anything about UK. If it was not for ECB Ireland,Spain,Italy and Greece would have collapsed around May this year !!!

    Rule Brittania :cool:

    This guy is calling for 1 euro = 1.5 £ in 2009
  6. No they won't.:p

    Italy has 8 times more gold than the UK.

    Actually the entire EU zone has 40 times more gold than the UK.

    Tell me what's backing the £ these days.

    It's economy? Fish and ships?:p