Argentina stocks (ARGT and others)

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  2. Yet another example of "Government F'n UP everything it touches".

    The further Left, the faster and worse the damage.
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    Let's look at it from opportunistic viewpoint.

    How to trade Argentina peso?
    I look at spot volume. It is extremely low.
    There should be a way to trade peso.

    Really exotic currency.
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    Interesting action in the US listings of the Argentina banks today.,bfr,,supv,,loma,

    GGAL +10.42% and BFR +7.71% and SUPV +6.92%. All three closed near the top of their intraday ranges.

    But BMA +1.32% only, and closed the day roughly in the middle of its intraday range.
    Company name = Banco Macro

    For what it's worth, it looks like USDARS was little changed at 39.50.

    By "little changed" I mean a move of less than 1% from where it was on the weekend.

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    Argentina Bailout

    The IMF has boosted its bailout of Argentina by an extra $19 billion, taking it to a total of $57.4 billion by the end of 2021. The Argentine peso has halved in value against the dollar this year, and was sent tumbling further by the shock resignation this week of central bank governor Luis Caputo. CNBC
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    "Macri’s Shock Setback in Argentina Deals Blow to Re-Election Bid"

    USD/ARS was at about 45.25 on Friday.

    From the above article: "The peso could lose 25% of its value on Monday, according to BTG Pactual Argentina."

    In early New York trading a couple of banks' ADRs (priced in US Dollars) are down by 25% to 30%.

    Today should be interesting for both the currency and the stockmarket.

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