Aren't you guys pissed off?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by dafong, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. dafong


    The bailout plan should have passed already. I'm tired of both parties adding on new clauses to the bill and delaying the bill. Stupid McCain, WTF is he doing? You can almost say he killed wamu. Then the questioning of Bernanke and Paulson by Congressmen. WTF was that? I hate their HOLLYWOODING, pretending they really care about their constituents. You know why they should STFU about watching out for the tax payers? Because last time I checked, there's another party involved when a loan occurs, called the BORROWER. Why the hell do they borrow an amount that they cannot pay off? They're at fault as much as the banks and wall st.
  2. poyayan


    Based on your logic, we should just let both side of the loan work it out and stay out of it right?
  3. dafong


    No, we the tax payers have to support this bailout plan. DO YOU REALLY WANNA SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF WE DON'T?
  4. poyayan


    Separate the problem!

    The goal of the bill is to increase credit supply. You don't necessary need to do this thru banks and pay them off at the same time. The very group of people who create this mess.

    Just like if you have a traffic jam, you go around it, not thru it. You don't try to give them $1000 each to move aside.

    Alabama senator Shelby has a better plan which address the credit squeeze problem.

    Of course, the VERY question on whether we should keep inflating this credit bubble is a separate discussion.
  5. Yes I do.
  7. dafong


    Anyone applying for citizenship in China?
  8. poyayan


    We still have full representation in this US of A. We should try to fix the problem, not run away from it...:)

    However, if we are not careful, we could become Argentina.
  9. Let's see, for his investment in GS Buffet got a 10% dividend and a 5-year warrant to buy at $115 a share.

    That sounds like a great deal to me, I'd invest $700bn on those terms. Problem is that, left alone, the Bush Admin will blow the entire $700b paying full book for garbage assets, and the banks will profit from the whole thing. Taxpayers (you and me) will get stuck with the bill while Paulson's buddies make another killing.