Aren't you, daytraders, missing most of the upside potential by not being overnight?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by crgarcia, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Just after a dip?
  2. empee


    but they also dodge dates when the market opens down -100.

    Plus if your using substantial leverage (which most are to make up for volatility) you can't take that kind of heat.

  3. Does the market go up every single day?

    Or at least 95% of the time?

    I would much rather make money 95% of the time....
  4. gaj


    i hold almost nothing overnight because i don't want that risk.

    if i'm *daytrading*, by definition, that's why i'm not holding something.

    my choice. no rule says you have to be daytrading. you can take on that extra money i'm "missing."
  5. The long-term upward bias of the stock market is reduced to nothing if one does NOT hold overnight. This even applies to high-flying stocks like Google.

    Intraday, on the whole, there is no trend. Close minus open is essentially nothing, on average.

    I daytrade AND position trade, so as to capture both.
  6. daytrading will leave ALOT of profit on the table since most gains are made before the open.

    In a bearish market selling at the close may be a good defensive move but not anymore.