Aren't All Americans Illegal Aliens?

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  1. All 13 colonies were made up of illegal aliens because they had not gotten permission from the residents here, who were the Indians.

    They were not invited, nor necessarily welcome. They took it upon themselves to overrun an entire nation to commit genocide and other horrendous crimes against natives and at the same time brought another race of people along whom they enslaved. The bottom line is that the entire country was founded by bunch of racist elitist illegal immigrant criminals.

  2. If the Mexicans could manage to take over the United States through show of force, I'm pretty sure they'd get to keep it.
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    Are you not a descendant of the racist elitist illegal immigrant criminals? By your (fucked up) "logic" doesn't that make you complicate and culpable?

    If not then you're not an American/US citizen and no one gives a fuck what you think on this topic.
  4. How do you know he is not a native American?

    In addition, most Mexicans and Mexican Americans are closer related to the native Americans than 90% of the citizens of of USA.
  5. Last vestige of the scoundrel. When you've got the badger cornered and he's got nowhere else to turn.
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    I don't, he's free to let us know if is though.
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    By the time the Anglo settlers arrived the Natives were already essentially wiped out by the diseases brought by the Spanish and Portuguese almost 100 years prior. Not that it really matters to those of us alive today, cultures have been colliding and the stronger one prevailing since the beginning of man, it is a part of the human condition. The Mexican elites, who by the way are white criollos (Spaniards), and are pushing this clash, and prevailing, know this too but certainly appreciate useful idiots parroting their propaganda and helping to further their cause of retaking the land lost by their ancestors in the 19th century. First step is invasion second is agitation to secede and either form a new a nation allied by common culture or be outright annexed by Mexico. It's the Texas republic in reverse. They are even helpful enough to come right out and say these things, if only Americans would open their ears and listen to the real agenda behind 'migrants rights'.
  8. The "Native Americans" are from Asia
  9. More jibberish from the radical left, which of course ignores the real issue. Who pays for all this? You can't just say it's a free for all, come one, come all. You can't do that unless your objective is to destroy the country, which is exactly what the radical left wants to do. You lefties want open borders, then open your f'n check books. You can support these people on your dime, not mine. Anyone supporting illegal immigration should pay a 50% tax of their income in order to pay the tab. All second and third family vehicles should be donated to illegals. Any second or third properties should be donated to house illegals, and you must house at least one family of illegals in your primary residence. Put up, or shut up.
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    Its back to the same old question - Who is a legal and who is an illegal Inhabitant of these lands?

    In my books apart from the natives everyone - whites, blacks, jews, chinese, blue, mexicans, japanese are all illegal. It doesn't matter if you are 10th generation descedent or yesterday immigrant. The Europeans siezed land from natives and established laws thats now everyone uses to call themsleves legal or called illegal.

    The act of seizing land from natives was illegal and therefor all other laws made by invaders are illegal.

    So folks these problems will not go away because of some (illigitimate in the 1st instance) laws made by illegal occupiers. The problems will be more pronounced as occupiers become the minority or weaker. Its the number cause of wars in the past, present and future all over the world.

    So the best thing is all you pack your bags and go back to your native countries
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