Are your thinkorswim charts crashing?

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  1. I have the following setup on one computer:

    a. 1 TOS grid with 9 charts with 3 moving averages and volume each
    b. 1 TOS grid with 2 charts and 4 user defined studies each
    c. 1 TOS grid with 2 charts and 4 user defined studies each
    so 13 total charts and a bunch of studies.
    d. Only one monitor hooked up to this computer

    This is the only program and these are the only charts running on this computer. The trading is done on another computer.

    I have experienced crashes on all of below:
    -switching from one trade grid to another
    -zooming in on the studies
    -changing from trading hours only to all hours
    -changing symbols
    -editing or adding studies

    Also, I have run more intensive apps on this computer as evidenced by cpu %, ram use, and number of apps. For example, I have run TCNET with 6 real-time charts, windows media player, chess application, and IE. The only crashes ever occur as desribed above, and they occur with TOS as the only active program.

    I'm just wondering if any of you have found a workaround. With 2GB ram and a duo-core 2.66 clock and a 512mb video card this shouldn't happen. I'm wondering if a divide by zero problem or something like is the issue.

    Have any of you have had the same problem? Know any tips for minimizing the crashes?

    I should mention that I am very happy otherwise with TOS
    and am not complaining about anything. Tech support is helping me with the problem currently and always provides prompt and friendly service. Just trying to collect some more data and isolate the problem.

    many thx
  2. Kramer92


    My problem is missing bars on the ES and other futures with a 20 day 5 minute chart set to market hours only. For instance I am missing the 7:25 and 7:30 PST bars on 4/16. I have notified TOS but they have been no help as of yet.
  3. 17 charts on two monitors running on an old p.o.s. computer, while my new one is being built, and I don't have any problems. Have they already had you completely uninstall the program and java and then reinstall?
  4. .... i have them too ...
    ..... their platform is VERY ram intensive ....
    .... so just make sure you have plenty of ram.....
    .... 2 gig is minimum
  5. I know what are you talking about, from my experience i can tell, that you have to many drawings on those charts, like trend lines and stuff,
    try to limit that .Another think might be that you are logged on for several days in the row try to restart, and increase memory on your platform. You can do that, when you open window where you enter your password and there is tab "options" try to increase min and max memory, i have min 512 max 768 my pc has 4 GB off ram. It helped me when i did that, but talk to tech department they will tell how much memory you should increase .