Are young white voters finally abandoning Obama?

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  1. Obama slipping among young white voters

    Obama won white voters ages 18 to 29 in 2008 by 10 percentage points over the GOP's John McCain, according to a recent Pew Research poll. He leads Mitt Romney among that group by only two points.

    By Liz Marlantes, Correspondent / April 23, 2012

    Is President Obama in danger of losing young people?

    Obama slipping among young white voters

    Last week, a new poll suggested that Mr. Obama's support among young people, who turned out for him in record numbers in 2008, is slipping.

    Only 34 percent of young people between ages 18 and 24 said they were "satisfied" with the Obama presidency, and they indicated they would prefer Obama over a generic Republican by just seven percentage points, according to the poll.

    The biggest factor behind this slippage is the jobs picture.

    According to a new report by the Associated Press, job prospects for young people with bachelor's degrees are at the lowest level in more than a decade – with more than half of all young college graduates either jobless or underemployed.

    Many are "increasingly scraping by in lower-wage jobs – waiter or waitress, bartender, retail clerk or receptionist, for example – and that's confounding their hopes a degree would pay off despite higher tuition and mounting student loans," the AP report said.
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    A friend of mine asked to me talk to his 19 year old son about becoming an engineer.

    I told him that I could not recommend a career in science or engineering in this country and didn't think I could offer his son any useful information about how to proceed in life. This country is headed for a pure service sector economy.