Are you worried by North Korea ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Humpy, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Humpy


    Well you should be. They now have missiles that can reach all of Japan and even as far as Guam officially. If they can put a satellite into orbit surely they can drop a bomb anywhere on that orbit ?
    Maybe they are bluffing as in the past but I wouldn't bet my life on it and nor should China, Russia and the USA be betting millions of lives on it either.

    Surely the big 3 could come to some agreement to easily take out NK's missiles and nuclear facilities in a clean surgical strike. End of problem for another 10 years.

    Well it looks very like Monday is chicken day. The anniversary of grandaddy Kim. Who will blink first ? Cos it looks more like the real thing and soon. Even if not Monday, then in a year or two their missiles will be able to reach American heartland.

    Better to kill the scorpiuon while you still can imho 'Cos he will kill you if he can.
  2. ===============
    UK Telegraph news says they are targeting HI,DC,but dont know how accurate that news story is?????
  3. maxpi


    I still think it would be a lot of fun to target all the residences of all the military leaders and that idiot in charge of NK. Simultaneous missiles down the chimneys... when they retaliate by firing off some nukes shoot 'em with stars wars s%^t.. then hold a press conference and say "oops!"

    I can just see the WH press secy and his staff brainstorming before the press conf: "how can we say OOPs, my bad, and get votes at the same time?"
  4. Ricter



    1) If NK fires, it will be out to sea.
    2) I don't live in Japan or Guam.
    3) We pay military personnel over entire careers to plan for similar scenarios.
  5. pspr


    I don't think they have the range to target DC yet. But, if they do I'd give 'em a green light. (Sorry AAA. We are all expendable for the sake of the good 'ol U.S. of A.)
  6. If we are unwilling to use military force to disarm and already nuclear capable NK, then why in the world would we attack Iran to prevent them from attaining such weapons? It's hard to argue than the Iranian leadership is any less rational than that of NK. It's easy to argue that NK has the most unstable, crazy leadership on the planet.
    I already know why we'd attack Iran and not NK. I'm just curious what ya'll think.
  7. pspr


    China has a defense pact with N.K. We've been down that road once. Plus, now that N.K. has nukes we don't know that they don't have one or two ready to set off or where they are should we attempt to disarm them. That's the problem once they have the bomb.

    Nobody has such a pact with Iran. And, Iran doesn't have a nuke they can set off if we bomb fordo and other sites out of existence. Imagine if they had a nuke and set one off in the Persian gulf. That place would be radioactive for decades if not centuries. Effectively oil supplies will have been cut off to the world through that route. Not to mention what that would do to all the other countries in the area.

    Once a country has a nuke the options to deal with threats from them are very limited.
  8. Ricter


    They're too close to our oil.
  9. pspr


    North Dakota? LOL :D
  10. Humpy


    What is the John Kerry strategy ? Talk, talk talk. As if there hasn't been enough talk. The N. Koreans will see this as weakness and continue as before.

    This window of opportunity to blast NK back to pre nuclear won't last very long. If the US loses it's nerve now then in only a year or two it will have to consider evacuating the entire West coast. If that doesn't ring the warning bells in political dumbo-land then in another year or two it is fighting a nuclear war and evacuating not only the entire West coast but also central USA !!

    May as well surrender if the US is too feeble minded to resist. Ha

    The solution is obvious. Bomb NK's nuclear and missile assets NOW, with or without the Chinese/Russians on board.
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