Are you using a Mac to trade?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 4XIS4U, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. 4XIS4U


    Hello, I'm thinking about buying my first Mac laptop and wanted to hear any experiences good or bad regarding:

    1) Parallels performance (meaning, does it work with with some of the common charting platforms)?
    2) Easy to transfer files from OSx and Windows
    3) Did you start using more OSx overtime?

    thanks. :(
  2. jhaughey


  3. 4XIS4U


    don't you need to keep rebooting your computer everytime you want to run Windows when using via bootcamp?
  4. Neet


    If he is a daytrader and he needs to reboot OS/X to run his trading software in Windows what the hell does he want a Mac for ?

    I love the new Macs but this is not the way to go. Bootcamp is ok when you must run an application that is impossible to find for OS/X but not for an everyday application.

    My 02 cents.
  5. jhaughey


    I just find Parallels so power hungry, its pretty slow. If you've got the money just get a windows machine as well, just for trading...
  6. WD40


    TOS platform runs on a Mac.
    They would even give you a Mac mouse if you open an account with them.
  7. TinGull


    Wait till Leopard comes out. You'll be able to run windows XP inside a window inside of OSX. Really slick stuff. I'm using a 933mhz G4 for my trading and also have a 15in pwrbook. I use ToS for my trading, and yea...they sent me a 2 button mouse. They rock like that.
  8. psturm