Are you underwater in your home?

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    Saw this posted on the home messege board"This might help.

    Heres something for you, theres a program call short refi thats exactly for the people that are making there payment. Heres how it works:

    1. you apply to a mortgage company that will pre-approve you for the short refi.
    2. you get a current appraisal of your property.
    3. you have to write a hardship letter to your current lender, explaining the reason were you are not going to be able to pay your loan of (ex.) 200k for a house thats worth 140k.

    then your Mortgage broker starts negotiating with your current lender(not all lenders are aboard, i have a list of the ones that are you can email me at JJY1961@YAHOO.COM for a current list).

    Lenders that are willing to get money now instead of 6-12 months later thru a short sale will say ok.
  2. I bought my home in 1999 and took a 15 year loan, made extra payments. I have no mortgage currently.
  3. Frankly, anyone who does this should be arrested for contract fraud.

    Who else is sick of these deadbeat homowner bastards?

    Gee, I guess if EVERYONE robs a bank at the same time its ok.

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    We live on a large hill, but thanks for asking.