Are you trading for a living?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ADX_trader, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. We just took delivery of one of those new all-plastic models with rounded corners - makes lugging the laundry down to the lake much easier :D
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  2. sub7slak


    Hook me up for that job, I am sure several traders on ET wouldn't mind turning that IT Dept into a trading room! And if the company CEO come check on us, he'll see us busy pounding away on our keyboard thinking we are coding or something, probably give us a raise!
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  3. birddog


    3) But perhaps the biggest reason is that I don't want to trade out of my own home and become a hermit. I like going to work, shooting the shit with other employees, etc. If I traded from home, I'd go absolutely crazy.


    Well that explains it then - I always thought I might have a screw loose but I've been trading out of my house since 1995 and I probably don't even realize how nuts I've become.

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