Are you the 99%?

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Are you the 99%

  1. Yes, I am the 99% and I hate the rich!

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  2. No, I'm the 1% and I earned everything I made

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  3. Yes, I'm the 99%, but I support the 1% because they work hard

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  4. Yes, Im the 99% and I couldnt care less about who has what.

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  1. I'm the 99%, but I back the 1% because I'm trying to get to that 1%.
  2. jem


    I think I grew up just inside the 1 percent.
    The I fell pretty far out.
    I might make it back in soon.
  3. Ricter


    Unusual insight from you.
  4. 377OHMS


  5. pspr


    As near as I can tell, that number is the lowest income earner in the top 1%. The average income of the top 1% works out to over $1MM just estimating from the numbers given.
  6. I'm with you on that one.

    This makes me wonder, if you're part of the 99% trying to get to the 1%, can the 1% screw you? Ehhh...maybe once till you catch on. maybe that's the problem with the 99%, they keep getting the shaft day after day.

    I know this guy, hardly speaks any english. Worked for GE 30 years and retired. I would guess he has high 6 figures of ge stock he has been buying since he started working there. ya think he is a 99%?
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    I have averaged enough to put me just over the bottom of the barrel of the 1% barrier (380k) for 3 years of earnings, but im scared shitless every time i hit a draw down that day trading will cease to be profitable, as i have seen many changes in the industry which have put alot of people out of business.

    I am currently about 100k underwater from my high level mark in august for this year, and every time i go through this kind of drawdown I am scared that I'm going to have to go start looking for another job. I am the furthest thing from "rich" a person could imagine.

    Right now i am at the precipice, if trading continues to work for me for a few more years, i will have nothing to worry about, if trading all of a sudden ceases to be a viable option over the next couple years i will be unemployable, as i will be in my mid thirties with no work experience, and only a bachelors degree in commerce to fall back on.

    This is something I worry about constantly, and it is a problem that no one on the left ever seems to think of when they make the decision to tax the shit out of anyone who made a few dollars in the previous taxable year. No one ever gave me a dime, and i dont expect it, all i ask is that the government stays the fuck away from me while i try to enrich my own life, beyond that i will live with the consequences my own life created for me. (good or bad)
  8. jem


    You have to put another iron in the fire.
    It will make your trading better.

    I made money daytrading for a 5 to 7 years but then I got married expenses went up and trading got more difficult.
    I could not tolerate much drawdown... so I had to do something else.

    Had I had another iron in the fire. I would have just traded less for a while until my style work well again or I could tolerate a bit more drawdown.
    I went down about 15,000 off my high and quit daytrading. (it was also the time wasted... as I was still profitable before commissions.)

    Now I work my butt off. Make good money, but hardly have time for swing trade.
  9. I think most of the 99% believe there is no way they can ever be in the 1% unless they hit the lottery which is why they always have this "us against them" mentality.
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