Are you satisfied about Your Trading?

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  1. hello guys- to be sincere with you, i am quite satisfied since i got started with the trading game- competing with other trader in a 1on1 or tournament games. OH... i really enjoy it with my friends.........totally fun and profitable"

    In my opinion, its the best we can have , here new people are competing with the old ones and trying to learn new things which to me is very good and encouraging. so in my opinion its very beneficial to both new and old trades to become a profitable ones.

    What about you? Please share your experience
  2. I cannot say that I am satisfied with my trading. I am in net profits if I sum up my trading but I am not able to get consistent profits. I am working hard to develop my own system and I know that I will get it.
  3. Good to not lose hope. In forex we must not discouraged. Everyone must made some loss at the start- nobody is perfect.

    If we want to succeed in the field of trading, we have to study hard and do not forget to practice, so that our trading capabilities continues to increase, and the result is a profit would be even easier.

    But tried my strategies- it definitely works to get some consistent profits. -competing against other trader in a 1on1 or tournament.

    Try a demo first
  4. I'm very satisfied - check my Quantum Leap journal on this forum.
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    No I am not. If I ever do, it will mean I stopped evolving.
  6. You are right in one sense but you must be satisfied if making consistent profits. I mean we want to earn money but there must be a point where we should be satisfied or we will be just working like machines.
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    Yea, guess it's the difference between relative and absolute satisfaction. Relative satisfaction always exists whenever you achieve some positive results.

    Absolute satisfaction is most likely impossible and works as a permanent motivation to achieve more.
  8. I am, I stopped day trading and lowered my return expectations and spend just a few minutes in the morning entering the trades and setting stops. If I get busy then I don't worry about the missed trades or worry about getting out too early or too late. As long as the average trade makes a little money I'm ok. Oh and I keep my leverage down and risk per trade low as a percentage of account.
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    I see nothing wrong about it, we all have our goals and it's perfectly normal they may change over time from becoming a better trader to having more comfortable life.
  10. Yeah but don't you think there must be a level where we start to enjoy the things we have achieved by so much hard work. Or just keep working more and more to earn more but enjoy less !
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