Are you ready to convert?

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  1. No comments here, must be very sensitive subject…
  2. Maybe people are not ready to accept the oneness of everything yet. Maybe they don't like that idea. Maybe that's why things are the way they are in the world. It's the idea of separation, wished for and cherished. It's a facade. All is connected, despite appearances. I merely urge all to go beyond appearances altogether, let them go, and not try to maintain appearances with the power of oneness. Oneness is natural. Bodily existence is unnatural, like fish out of water. It will be a struggle while power is used to maintain it.

  3. The problem is with the concept of the "Oneness" I am. It is not with people.
  4. What do you mean?
  5. Love that Hans Zimmer that Jeebus?

  6. All of this world's tragedies happened because of the one god.

    I find it hard to believe that the "One" god is capable of such sadism. A one god who will watch a child killed or a woman raped or abused.

    I subscribe to the concept of an equal god who is capable of evil and is winning in most battles. I subscribe to the concept of an evil god trying to convince us that there is only one god who is capable of committing unspeakable evil.

    And if you agree with the concept of two gods than why not three or four or hundreds.

    Why not agree with me that you and I are the good god and the evil god.

    Was it the good god that did the inquisition??? It was done in the name of Christianity??? Was Cortez on the side of a good god??? Did the good god instruct him to convert the Aztecs to Christianity before he slit their throats???

    Why did the good god watch Jews praying to him before they were sent to their demise???

    Why did the good god watch women hung for falling in love in Saudi Arabia???

    If you believe of the one god than you ought to believe that his/ her sickness and savageries are beyond comprehension.

    I guess it is the paganism in me talking.

  7. There you go wael, "oneness" is at the heart of islam, and you have even been goaded into responding to fake jesus.

    I disagree 100% with your assertion, it is ALL about people and their retarded belief systems, Mr wael.

    And islam/judeo christiancrap is at the root of it, in modern context, unfortunately.

    Presumably, everyone knows, akhenaton was a king of egypt, "the heretic king" who , against many odds, at the time , manufactured vast and incredible ancient wonders in the desert, and presumably forsake the gods at the time.
    His kingdom failed from bad engineering and lack of motivation, basically.

    Of course, it may not have been a desert at the time, but looking at the archeological evidence of the kindom of Ur, there is little reason to think the pharoahs werent dealing with the riches of a few million people's work across the arabian peninsula, with the inclusion of solid slave trade from the volga/west/south africa and persia, etc.

    Im just saying, is all. Islam spread like wildfire, because it seemed simple, and islamic caliphates conquered much in thier path, due to MURDERING non beleivers, generally.

    Maybe "slaughtering" may ring the emotional bells of westerners, i dont give a fuck, wake up people, these fuckers WILL KILL YOU IF YOU LET THEM.

    Simple solution, huh, but THAT IS THE FUCKING REALITY of islamic expansion.

    Dont like that reality, send me a fuckin pm, by all means.
  8. Oops, i forgot, you dont represent the palestinian people, as such, which is to bad, they could use some democratic discourse.

    Oh, its all al-freakin queada, gee i missed that, golly, there are no problem sin the middle east.

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