Are you ready for the trifecta?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DonKee, Jun 26, 2008.

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    1) Oil looks like it is ready for a new leg up after this bull flag has completed

    2) EC looks like it is ready for another leg up, too

    3) Sometime this summer, WM,HBAN,FITB, or another large regional bank will admit it can no longer function without a merger or help from the Fed

    Once these hit as a trifecta, the US stock market will experience a waterfall decline.

    We're getting close.
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    Keep drinking that Koolaid
  3. There have been no acts of intervention from the fed in a long time. No infusions, no bailouts, no rate cuts, no discount rate cut, nothing
  4. It takes time to absorb all that free cash.
  5. I also believe some financial is going to fall apart any day and further drag this market down. Whether it is WM or whomever I don't know for sure but somebody is going to crumble.

    There is way too many negative factors out there.

    High Oil & Gas prices
    Consumer Sentiment Sucks
    Home Values dropping
    Americans Net worth dropping with home prices
    Earnings outlooks are declining
    Auto industry Sucks
    Real Estate Industry Sucks
    Financials facing more writedowns, dividend cuts, capital raising
    etc etc etc....what did I leave out?

    There are A LOT of thing we have to work through before we find a bottom for this market. I do not see the bottom in sight for this market and that's the way I will continue to play it. I'll trade the volatility, take select long entry positions when they present themselves and remain short overall with a bearish negative bias to my positions.

    This is Just the way I see it.
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    Aren't you the guy that mentioned there was nothing wrong with WaMu because you still saw their TV commercials, back in November when it was trading in the 20's?

    At some point I suspect you will discover, as I did many years ago, that markets are priced based upon peoples expectations of the future, not the past or present.

    The Fed almost always moves after the markets have priced in their actions, not before. The Fed follows the markets.
  7. He really said that? Thats almost as bad as Hedgefundtrader2 saying the economy is great because people are wearing Nike's and listening to ipods :).

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    And no one cares about CFC or wamu
    all bad news priced in



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    CFC business is well intact and the stock will rebound in time.


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    11-19-07 04:09 PM

    There is a country wide where I live

    The building still intact. Still in business. This stock will rebound.

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    #1 is occuring now. If #3 takes place over the next week, it is going to be very ugly for world financial markets.
  10. This market really sucks. No rebound rallies at all.
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