Are You Ready For The Liquidity Wave?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Garbage Can Ray, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. This could be the reincarnation of the glory days...Are you ready? Let me preface this thread with the acknowledgement that I am a fairly ardent bear...long term.

    I am in the economic super-collapse camp. But I don't know if it happens tomorrow or 10 years from now, or ever...

    What I do know is that the conditions might be set for a wave of liquidity and "hot money" like you boys haven't seen since you were bidding on in 1999.

    Economic conditions are different, but the rich have been doing pretty fucking well, all things considered. You don't think that anything else matters do you?

    If the rich get properly scared about the liquidity sloshing around and what THAT MEANS FOR THEM, and their wealth, we might see some wild times ahead.

    ET pikers, if you were worth $5 million+ what would keep you up at night? What is the mortal enemy of your wealth? Do you trust "the Bernank" when he says that he is 100% sure he can control inflation?

    Been watching the bond markets the last couple of days? What about Gold, Silver, Crude, Copper, Corn, Wheat, Sugar, Cotton, AKAM, FFIV, CRM, NFLX, APKT, FCX, CMG, LVS, RVBD, YOKU, DANG, SINA, and many, many others?
  2. What a wste of time....:)

    I read the post because I though you had something to propose but instead by the end you are begging for advice. Your title should have been:

    Please help my clients (except if you have 5 Mil, good for you)

  3. BillyBoy, Trashie has hit the 'possum on the snout. We are a-wash in liquid-itty. We doesn't noe how ter deel wid it hear. You bes' be gwine ass summun sooth a da boarder. Goald, sivver, be de an-swer.
  4. Ray, yew be da man! Onney ting yo friggot uz lead! Ina fuckin' bullits, man!
  5. Bill, don't be a dick. Contribute instead of criticizing. The point of this thread is so that all of us ETers don't miss the forest because we are standing in the middle of the trees.

    Those that trade day in day out, and are sane (and freaked out) may be missing the giant, liquidity driven bull market that is underway RIGHT NOW.

    PCLN, AZO, ORLY, ARBA, SLW, NTAP, OPEN...I am just picking names off the top of my head. What the fuck? Awful lot of all-time highs in this market.

    Total joke? Yes, but why not capitalize on the new BULL and we will make plenty on the way down too...
  6. i am just drinking $16 wine that normally sells for $49. Preety good actually, real stuff. They know how to make wine in AU. official prices are high but percentage discounts are 50+. Never seen that level of discount.

    Attempt to drive this crisis smoothly to an end. Hope is that consumption will pick up for real. I am not convinced.
  7. Don't be silly... The answer to problems that you're attempting to describe is a no-brainer. It's called diversification.
  8. Diversification is for rich folk, my Australian friend. I assume you have that problem if you are promoting such a "strategy."

    Here are some tickers for the rich folk reading this thread - MSFT, CSCO, HPQ, MCD, PEP, WMT, HD, XOM, CVX, DE, GLD (do yourself a favor), DD, PFE, JNJ.

    If you are rich, these tickers are not a joke. Buy them. For the rest of us, we actually have to make money as opposed to conserve it at and make a reasonable rate of return.

    As for the less fortunate, I like CF, MOS, AGU, APC, RIG, HAL, SLB, BP, OIH, XLE, XME, SLV, GLD, FCX, VALE, NEM, ABX, GDX, GDXJ, MCP, INTC, MRVL, SMH - buy the highs! Is 5% or 10% going to cut it?

    Buy the highs...please!
  9. luisHK


    One of my favourite cigar suppliers is in Australia. Whereas it did lower its prices for a while when it seemed hit by the crisis, it's been increasing them steadily over this year, when the economy seems to have picked up . So much for the high level of discount, it increased prices so much I had to change supplier.

    Cuban cigars of course, not for my american friends than :p