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    One day, if things change in a way that you find it is impossible to trade or invest profitably, would you be ready to quit?
  2. Almost everyone who is not filthy rich or born to money should be (or have already been) preparing themselves for a new career and future. Otherwise, there are great opportunity costs (time, career building, money, retirement) going to waste! That's my opinion.
  3. there will always be a trade -- as long as there is a civilization. if you take a job at McDonald's, that's a trade. In fact, the blue collar men of old were called 'tradesmen.' People used to ask, 'what's your trade?' This, of course, before CNBC made 'trading' a national obsession.
  4. No, I always have lived life on the edge. There is no such thing as security. The only security, is in the complete acceptance of knowing that there is none.

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    well said.


  6. A very true and wise posting.
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    PLUM!! You old philosopher, you! How're your dogs?? Ramble On. :cool:
  8. thanks, surf dude.

    "...take back your insurance. baby, nothing is guaranteed." -- <font size=1>Tom Petty, Jammin' Me.</font>

    there is an exception to this, but it's beyond the scope of this thread.
  9. What are you going to do; get a real job ...
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    I'd like to hear your suggestion. What kind of job is close to being a trader? If there is no choice, I'd ask if McDonald's can take me, just like what Kevin did in American Beauty.


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