Are you on the list??

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  2. Hey, cmon! It's gonna take me a few years to even reach George Soros...
  3. If they start the "other" list, I'll definately be on that one.
  4. Not too many ES scalpers on the list...
  5. I'm on the Eorbes Top 400 list...
  6. Where is BARON ranked??
  7. DT-waw


    There are 5 people from hedge fund industry on the Forbes list.

    George Soros $7.0B
    Bruce Kovner $1.8B
    Steven Cohen $1.0B
    Paul Tudor Jones $0.65B
    Ken Griffin $0.65B

    Where're: Jim Rogers, LBR, Larry Williams, Richard Dennis
    $mrmarket and sabena :D ?
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    The only list that's currently in vogue that I'll be on is the RIAA piracy roster.:D
  9. Rogers isn't in the same ballpark as those guys. From reading his books, I take it he made something like $10 million in the early 80's after leaving Soros. Say $20 m on the high side. Even if you compound that at 15-20% per year, he may end up at what, the low 9 figures (say 100-200 m). Hard to say.

    I believe all the hedge fund guys except Soros are relatively new to the list (from the late 90's to now). Kovner wasn't on the list 6 or 7 years ago. I have some old Forbes issues. He's been racking up some serious cash.
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