"Are you okay?"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sunggong, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Just got an e-mail from one of my corporate rat race buddies with that heading. Punk.

    I replied, "why would I be not okay? It's a great day for a trader. I don't PREDICT the market. I REACT to the market. I really don't give a shit what the market does. I make money anyways. Thanks for asking, punk!"
  2. LOL, if you finish in the green, send'em a blotter.
  3. nonam


    I was feeling depressed.I called lifeline.I got connected to a call centre in Pakistan.I told them I was feeling suicidal.They got all excited and asked me if I could drive a truck.:confused:
  4. plugger



    Can you drive a truck?
  5. donnap


    What?...is that what we need to carry around our dollars?
  6. gobar


    made little over 500 and i am out of cash...

    i could have easily made 3000 to 4000 today...


    today was easy money day and i missed it...

  7. Because most private traders DON'T do as well as the rat race buddies. If you do, great. But most people wash out.

    What a punk he was, in being actually interested in how you are doing. And your reaction was so gracious. A "rat race buddy" Nice you esteem him so highly...
  8. ah he's worried about you that's sweet :)
  9. That was fucking halirious - LOL
  10. :)

    With the limit down support this morning, easiest day I've ever had.
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