Are You Missing the Pending Page on TWS? I am... duh

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by version77, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Really nice upgrade we have here with build 817.3
    It doesn't even have a pending page. And guess what?
    Of course you cannot even get ahold of IB to see what
    the **** is going on. This software is #1 in the world!...:eek:
  2. I up graded today and I have a pending page but tws froze up 3 times this morning when I tried to change pages.
  3. I downloaded/installed the latest version before market open this am and my pending page is there and working.

    Just checked it by placing a buy NQ order at 1502 - went to pending and the order was there - live.

    You might want to try another install.
  4. Hmmm.... Why didn't I think of that?... :D
  5. Pending page works here . . .
  6. Uh oh. Maybe I should not be upgrading... :eek:
  7. Anyone know how I can get back to 816? I was having good luck
    with that one....
  8. No problems here.... so far

    TM Trader
  9. Htrader

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    The IB web page allows you to downgrade to the previous version, 816 in this case. The link is on the same page where you download the latest TWS updates.
  10. ktm


    There is usually a prior version or two on the IB site. I keep my old cab files and rename them with the ver # when I download them. That way, if I need to go back I can just run an "old" update.
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