Are you making money with Jack's strategy?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by inandlong, Aug 24, 2003.

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  1. I am not the first to try anything new. When a new trading book comes out, I read the reviews. When a new movie comes out, I read the reviews. A new car, etc.

    So when Jack started posting six months and hundreds of pages ago, I wasn't going to be the first to try his strategy. I have done what I always do... read the reviews. And the reviews are mixed.

    Going back to the first page of the Stochastics Indicator thread and reading forward, and Jack's 4 page Journal, and the new Equity thread.... the reviews are mixed. One thing is for sure... criticism of any kind has been unwelcomed. Every person who has offered any criticism, has been lumped in to some "category", and the category titles are all demeaning.

    But one thing that is not for sure is... who is making money with Jack's strategy? This is a simple question and one that is easily answered. But just to rule out the philosophically inclined, that you have learned something from Jack doesn't count.

    What I'd like to know is... all of you who are following Jack....are you making money with Jack's strategy? And if you are, are you experiencing the gains that Jack said you would?

    This is a genuine post and not meant to demean Jack in any way. There are plenty of these types of polls and questions throughout ET. Are you profitable, are you making money scalping, are you making money tradng breaks...etc. So if you take offense to my question and feel justified to rant, you are wrong. There is no ulterior motive. Thanks in advance for your participation. I am not voting.
  2. Have you ever considered that maybe your {opinion} smells as bad as everyone else's? Considering how quickly you relegate this type of thread to Chit Chat if started by another, you have little credibility as a moderator. But you really ought to get rid of your signature line; it's making you look ridiculous.
  3. nitro


    I agree.

    Inandlong, I really do not understand the desire to make this post on the trading forum.

    If you were really interested in whether people are making money with this guys "strategy," why wouldn't you post it on the original thread where hundreds of replies have taken place?

    It seems more like you are trying to direct attention to it than getting a real response.

  4. The brackets represent a reference to fecal material that was originally in the thread. It has been edited.

    And if I had started a poll that asked "Is anyone making money using Dave Landry's methods", would your reply have been the same? To satisy your needs however, I will start that poll as well, and even one more. There are people who promote money-making strategies that appear to be interesting.

    I didn't get your answer to the poll question ic'! But you sure know how to use foul language. I think you should pay more attention to the message of my signature and less to how you think it makes me look.

    I am taking my family boating and out for the day on a picnic. This thread is for intelligent answers to a fair question. Please try to post appropriately. And as an example of what crap is in this forum, refer to the quote above.
  5. I don't say this often Nitro, but you're wrong in your presumptions. I want to know if Jack's strategy is profitable for anyone, because a big part of it is similar to CANSLIM, which I have been an advocate of and have posted the same previously on ET.

    However, I knew that some would think it was what you incorrectly presume, so I tried to allay that concern in the original post. I also have the same inqury about two other strategy publishers, to hopefully allay the fears of those who share in your inaccurate assessment. And I didn't post it there beause this way I can keep the thread free of crap that icarus posted. You see the opinon is left intact, only the crap... lol literally... was deleted. Thanks for your inquiry.

    Always looking for new ways to make more money.
  6. icarus, I don't know who you are, but what you just wrote gives me a very high opinion of you.
  7. dbphoenix


    I agree. If it were anyone else, they'd be in Chit Chat, but ial seems to consider Trading to be his property.
  8. And what he just wrote is very typical of Jack's camp. I approached it with no bias but after one of such condensceding posts that was meant to be a welcome reply to mine I no longer had any doubts about who I was dealing with. The arrogance of these people is trying to accomplish only one thing: to hide their incredible insecurity typical of people who simply don't know what they are doing yet are so desperate that will never admit that much less explain to others what they are really doing.

    As for the "strategy", there is none.
  9. bubba7


    It is my personal opinion that this thread is unfair.

    For that single reason I request thet no ET members participate in the poll nor post here following this post.

    I do not want people who share my opinion to post here either. I want this thread to demonstrate unfairness by the discipline of restraint of ET'er's showing that this is unfair.
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    Who is Jack?

    #10     Aug 24, 2003
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