Are you losing?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by miami-trader, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. dbphoenix


    I thought he was going to help people pull the trigger. I can think of a number of people I'd like to help pull the trigger . . . :p
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  2. kernan


    Paul - that is a problem most traders have had one time or another. Might I suggest one remedy is - just do it. Break the logjam, spend the next few days closing EVERY position when it hits your stop.

    You have to develop the habit, the discipline. The more you do it, the more it becomes second nature. I know it sounds simple, but it is really the most effective course of aciton.
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  3. Hi paulus,

    I replied to your pm.
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  4. Miami-Trader,

    Your offer is generous. May I make a suggestion? I think that the inability to "pull the trigger" is fairly generic among many traders. (At least that is the premise of many one-size-fits-all texts on trading psychology.) Therefore, why not share your thoughts in this forum so that any knowledge you impart will be shared by a large number of readers?


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  5. paulus


    thanks for responding Kernan,

    but the problem with 'doing it' is that when a position is starting to go against me, i am internally building up some kind of resistance ! making it very difficult for me to close out my position,
    i.e. to take my mental stop; i've already tried some mental tricks
    like 'there are thousands of profitable opprtunities ahead of you'
    etc .. but so far it didn't help;

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  6. Kermit



    It seems like this can easily be remedied by placing a working stop-loss order with your broker or online order-entry system, if you haven’t already considered it. Then you don’t have to worry about closing out your losing position; it’ll be done for you – provided you refrain from canceling or moving your stop away as price nears it.

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  7. paulus



    i am using a softwarestop already (ex 3pt's) behind my mental stop (ex 1pt), just to avoid disaster; but i would like to develop the discipline in a way that i don't have to place stops anymore and to be able to quickly act on every market move and trade
    flawessly ...


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  8. Kermit


    Okay, I see, Paulus. Then might I recommend that you augment your mental trick where by you do NOT put importance on the outcome of any ONE trade (after all, you already know where you’ll get out if you’re wrong and it’s well within your risk parameters) – and perceive it as just one out of countless trades you’ll be doing throughout your career. By lessening or voiding the significance of any individual result, maybe it’ll help loosen your “grip” on that position and be more at ease with pulling the trigger to close it out when it’s time. In actuality, it is the result of a series of trades that is much more important a consideration. Good Luck!

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  9. paulus


    oke thanks for the suggestion, perspective you gave me kermit !
    i will try that one;

    other suggestions are wellcome;


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  10. Can this guy teach traders how to not pull the trigger? :D

    Most losing futures traders I have met are victims of pulling the trigger TOO MUCH, overtrading, and paying way too much in commissions...and suffering a lot of slippage.

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