Are you looking forward to the next market crash?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by verynewboy, Jun 29, 2006.

Are you looking forward to the next market crash?

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  1. How many of you are anticipating the next market crash with enthuisiasm rather than fear?
  2. enthusiasm so I can buy cheap at the bottom.
  3. i remember trying to bottem pick the Qs after the bubble burst....kept going long in a declining market and lost a lot of money....then finally i caught the bottem (near the bottem) at 20.06. So then what did I do after finally catching the bottem? I flipped it at 24 as it went to 43. After it starting going up huge, I tried to catch the top (and lost a lot of money) but I finnally did catch the top again flipped it for a quick profit....anyway the point is 90% of traders are losers who will lose even if they catch the top or bottem because they simply won't hold their winning positions.
  4. a good trader makes money in any market. So I could care less.
  5. uh...what? if we do crash (or fall a good amount), i'm loading up on conversions and selling selling selling! you can pick bottoms all you want.

  6. It depends how long the crash is. It could be like 1987 where it only happens in one day or 2000-1 where it takes over a year.

    if it goes down very harply you wont really have time to sell into it. But you can make lots of money if you add at the bottom assuming the fundementals of the companies you are buying is strong.
  7. I dont understand what you mean? Of course i'd be able to sell into it. I only trade intraday so its not hard for me to get short stocks, especially ones that I have conversions in (ie can sell on downticks b/c I am synthetically long the position).

    And, how do you know where the bottom is and where to add? The bottom is almost always seen in hindsight.

    I prefer not to pick bottoms but rather trade with the prevailing sentiment. If the sentiment is sidewways though, then I dont mind picking bottoms intraday or selling tops because usually the momentum isnt there to provide a breakout/breakdown.

  8. the bottom is when usually you see a sudden kneejerk buying as soon as the markets touch an old support point. This buying often results in a loooooong white candle.

    The nasdaq follows very often this rule if you look at historical patterns.

    I guess you are also talking more about daytrading while I am looking at longer time frames.
  9. very true, that does make a big difference.

    ok, back to trading...:)

  10. I'll be on the stat arbs. A falling market will not only increase vol, but pannick sellers will put big paper orders into the market on which I can clean up.

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