Are you long or short USD/JPY?

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by verynewboy, Jul 5, 2006.

Are you long USD/JPY?

  1. I am long.

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  2. I am short.

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  1. Are you long or short USD/JPY?

    I went long a couple of days ago, but just looked at some technical reports from two different banks. Both are recommending shorts, one even recommending doubling up if the pair continues to rally.

    Am I going to be long and wrong?
  2. Why dont you ask in the USD/JPY thread?
  3. I wanted to post a poll here.

  4. The whole world thinks the pair is going to the low 100's. This is the very reason you should be long. All they do is report what everyone else thinks. Stay long and post in the USDJPY thread.


  5. OR at least include an option for "FLAT".
  6. Already there, VNBoy. :D (good thread, btw).

    No reason for me to think we won't continue trading in the range established last week, that is, between high 116s to the 114ishs.

    Expect NK to cause volatility - these are treacherous waters.

    Good luck, yen bears!

    dRaWdOwN :cool:
    (holding my own about 300' below the surface.)