are you guys ready for another day that seems like its 90 hours long

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  1. Maybe tomorrow will have some action, but i got the feeling today is going to make yesterday seem exciting. Sell a 1255 straddle and come back at the end of the day, and the futures will still be within a few ticks of either side of 1255. The problem with this business is that even though that is the most likely scenario, still married to the screen all day, just in case. Anybody think this market is going to do anything today?
  2. Did you sell the Feb at 61.75?

  3. Confucius say when retail traders are trying to capture 7 hours of thetas because the market is dead, the raft is getting close to the waterfall.
  4. yeah bro, im a retail trader, you really know the players dont you.
  5. Oh so that must have been you thats doing the huge size in the straddle today then?
  6. I trade index option credit spreads.

    I'm an optimist. I ask for what I want. Sometimes I get it. Sometimes it's even a surprise when I do. I have four trades working. We'll see.

    Keep the faith.
  7. Pardon bro, this was not intended as an insult. I don't give a shit if you're flipping 100mm OPM or $50,000 in your pajamas, neither does the market.

    Hope your trade works out.
  8. Nobody is actually forcing you to trade on by far the lowest-volume days and weeks of the year...
  9. Wow, this is why i have less than 100 posts in 8 years of being around this website. Its such a tough crowd.

    No it wasnt me selling the straddle today, Im just tinkering around with my existing position. I play the weeklies these days, so once I have a position on for the week, kind of stuck watching till Friday. But , you are right, next year, i take off this week, even though it is working out, but it is a good week to take off, no doubt.

    Happy holidays to all and to all a happy new year. Stay healthy.
  10. Hey Atrocious,

    What are you stalking me? How did you know I'm still in my jammies. The ones with little pictures of Justin Bieber that my daughter got me for Christmas. He's so cute.
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