Are you guys prepared for this bear market +5 years?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DisciplinedHedg, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. This bear market could go on for another 5 years and then some...

    So are we prepared for that? You guys think its hard now, imagine grinding it out for another 5-10 years like this with subpar returns maybe even losses, with no bull market in sight to save us.

    Granted that there will be bear market rallies, etc etc. But in a bear market, low volumes cause illiquidity, almost too quick and short trends, and breakouts of all kinds to fail.

    Just wanted to get everyones thoughts on this...? This market could go on and on and on and on...
  2. when this iraq/terrorist stuff all shakes out......we could be goin alot higher, itl be great(for those of us left) to get the sheep back.... bbbbaaaaa
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  3. Bear market rallies are some of the best in percentage terms. Also bear markets rally more often than bulls. Bull markets climb the wall o worry while bear markets are always bouncing off the lows. Historically, the best rallies are bear market rallies. A bear market also has very high volatility (the vol is greater at market lows than highs) which is good for traders.

  4. sure, why not ??

  5. Dustin


    Granted this market sucks, but there are enough opportunities to pay the bills. And this will always beat going to some office to deal with an asshole boss or idiot co-workers all day.
  6. gnome


    Old guy's thoughts:
    1. Secular bear market for years to come.
    2. Nothing Fed nor Gubmint can do to stop it.
    3. Much deterioration to follow. No significant improvement in overall condition of the economy until the Baby Boom generation dies off. (Maybe not even then, if the Gubmint screws it up too badly trying the wrong fix's.)
    4. Trade everything. Fade everything.
    5. $USD might get trashed such that financial survivors will have made a timely physical hard asset play before new currency parameters are implemented.
    6. The average Joe is thoroughly hosed with virtually no hope. Some traders will survive, but most of us will get tripped up at some point.

    That's Gubmint for you.... and well, stupid debt management.
  7. NASDAQ will break below 1000 in 2003

  8. WORD !!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
  9. sunnie


    IMHO, that's quick...wouldn't be surprised if longer, a lot longer..hope I'm wrong...:(
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    daily ranges of more than 20 pts on the es. :) Who needs a bull market with that, you sound like Maria Fartaroma:p
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