Are you going to fade Bush at 11:30am?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Port1385, Dec 5, 2008.

Are you fading?

  1. Yes, fade

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  2. No, not fading

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  1. Getting real short...
  2. This has become such a reliable fade, that the opposite is bound to happen once.
  3. I wouldnt fade him, i have great faith in his leadership, he's just a late bloomer
  4. If I go short he will probably announce some trillion dollar plus plan and the Dow will rally 1,000 points.
  5. you stupids who voted that stupid (twice) deserve what you have as results.
  6. Well...I guess Obama will make things better with his obvious new plan for fixing Social Security and welfare programs. Allow and encourage every type of abortion imaginable...who knows maybe we can kill enough babies to make sure in 80 years Social Security isn't a problem.

    Don't start on how many troops have died....MANY MANY MANY more unborn babies will die every week from Obama's abortion policies than have died all together in this war.

    There's my rant for the back to trading!
  7. Last time he spoke the market roared and Kudlow had an orgasim from the President's upbeat rethoric.