Are you fulltime trader?

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  1. 1) Why do you want to be fulltime trader?
    2) What do you do during freetime?
    3) Earning more than previous drawn salary?
  2. 1) I don't
    2) Cry
    3) Yes, because I'm incapable of making money any other way.

  3. TraDaToR


    1) Independance, freedom, interesting and fun activity
    2) running, snowboarding, partying, watching stupid TV series like CSI, travelling, skateboarding
    3) yes( had only one job before trading, and not really well paid )
  4. 1) Freedom & I Enjoy It
    2) I've started going to the gym right across the street when it's slow. Also, Youtube has saved me from throwing myself in front of many buses due to total boredom.
    3) I still work at the pizza place despite making over 250K last year. Even tho I earned more than 25X more @ the trading job, I still enjoy working with people my own age. A double life you could say ;)
  5. 1. Independence, flexibility and always challenging
    2. running, poetry, music
    3. Yes, could not make a buck anywhere else :D
  6. 1. Plenty of free time with one eye on the market during quiet periods.
    2. Plenty of free time outside of market hours.
    3. Previous job teaching teenagers was far more stressful. Have taken a small cut in salary to enjoy more freedom and less stress.
  7. spindr0


    1) Where else can I work in my bathing suit, avoid politically correct conversation and scratch myself without worrying about who's watching?

    2) During freetime I buy more bathing suits.

    3) Most years, no. Last year? Big time and then some.
  8. Loki


    I am a full time trader ( not daytrader ) because I could not do anything else. Once I worked as a waiter for a week, but it was not for me.

    I have plenty of free time every day is like to be on vacation, but I do nothing. I just stay home all the times. I am really bored during holidays and weekends, I love Mondays. I don't get along with people and I have very few friends.

    This year I am up 250 k but last year I was up 400 k.
  9. ???? This year is 10 days in and you are up 250k ? Or was that '08. This makes no sense.

    I call BS
  10. I have been watching ET for a number of years. The average "Elitetrader"

    1) Always makes money.
    2) Makes 6-7 digits in pure profit each year...sometimes 8 figures.
    3) Owns a few houses that are "paid off".
    4) Just trades 3-4 days per week for an hour then uses the free time to perform different leisure activities.
    5) Never has an off day, week or year.
    6) Always on the right side of the market and can make money no matter what the trend.
    7) Always closes their positions out at the end of the day so money can be freed up for making money the next day.
    8) Any woman they go out with seems to be young and great looking.
    9) Has at least 2-3 luxury or sports cars.
    10) Donates at least 10% of their winnings to charity.
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