Are you free to submit?

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  1. achilles28


    You people are free, free to submit to Government when they come 'round to collect your guns and ship you to FEMA camps.

    I feel like we're living in the twilight zone.

    That program is actually part of a DHS initiative recruiting parishioners across the Country to shill for Martial Law when the next big attack hits.

    You people are free, free to go to FEMA camps and die like the poor blacks at the superdome.

  2. Gord


    There were four natural deaths, one drug overdose and one suicide at the Superdome during the week following Katrina. Considering the tens of thousands of people that went through the building in that week, these numbers would not have been surprising even under normal circumstances.

    Take your sky-is-falling routine back to Daily Kos... [​IMG]

    [And seven newborns were delivered by National Guard physicians.]
  3. achilles28


    You forgot the rapes and one murder.

    And those "natural deaths" were mostly exasperated seniors who slept atop pools of feces.

    Come to think of it, the New Orleans PD certainly had no vested interest in white washing their Katrina performance (or NG, or FEMA, OR the FEDS). After all, they were only caught - on video - participating in looting right alongside pilfers.

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    So when your Hero Anne Kuntler tells you to lay down to FEMA camps and tattle on your gun-totting neighbors, you'll submit with pleasure.

    Thats what being a good little Neocon is all about..
  4. Gord


    Your comments and video about the cops looting is a straw man argument. I specifically was referring to the Superdome. The National Guard were present throughout the week following Katrina. There were no rapes and no murders at the Superdome. Nobody slept in "pools of feces". The media hyped about a lot of murders, rapes, robbing and bullying, but it all turned out to be bullshit. But suckers like you lapped it up. How does it taste? [​IMG]
  5. achilles28


    You tell me. After all, you Right-wing Shit Eaters gave "Brownie" a resounding thumbs up for his disaster management skills.

    Only 1500 dead this time! Great job!!

    Rapes and one murder happened at THE DOME, Gordo. Read it again.

    This comes from witness testimony and a National Guardsmen. And yes, the garbage strewn floor was a make-shift toilet bowl for the 20,000 that had no washroom . Where do you think they crapped, man? In a dixie cup?

    The Cops looting is a strawman. Oh, thats rich.

    You're a absolute MORON if you think Government didn't TRY to white wash their catastrophic failure to act.

    Disaster? What disaster?
  6. achilles28


    No disaster here......nope.

    Someone nominate Brownie for the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    A job well done.
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