Are you content?

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  1. The ability to say, "I am happy with what I got", not suffering from the pain associated with not getting it all.. or most of it.

    I have reached a stage where, by the next morning, I am fine and the regret is mostly gone. Question is have any out there transformed from endless rear-view mirror trading to complete calm regardless of what was left behind? I am thinking there is a connection to the mental value of one's account.

    This journey through mental acceptance of various feelings are I think, where the 10,000 hrs gestation period comes from. Not actual trading but the arriving at the mental, relaxed condition which results in properly executing out there..

    Bugs me as I think one can never really become truly successful unless you have learned to do without.
  2. Rashy, evidemment you are not from Texas in the USoyVeh, where "Too much is not enough!"
  3. ArtDeco.... Uh Oh... the man with too many women.. which could be why I subconsiously avoid too much profit...
  4. Oh, "Rightly Guided" one, there is but one arbiter of too little, too much, and just enough. And that is the Holy Backtest. The proper stop loss keepeth us from the evil of fear. And the optimal profit target keepeth us from excessive greed. How many wives one taketh with the Muslim ideal of interest-free profits is between you and the Prophet. I myself hold fast to the balance of but one wife and many mistresses. But I am Appalachian White Trailer Trash. To quote Holy Scripture, "To know what one is, and to wallow in it as doth a pig in shit, maketh a man content with himself."
  5. Losing your passion to strive harder to be on a better position than your current position is tantamount to losing your passion to live.
  6. Humpy


    Can't help remembering what one centenarian ( 100 years old )said when asked for the secret of a long and rewarding life said

    " He quickly learnt to be content and happy with what he had "

    didn't live in a money grubbing country too
  7. A Master you will have become, when you can learn not to confuse short-term contentment with a lack of drive/passion.
  8. You can want (drive for, hope for) more... the psychosis is being unhappy when you don't get more.. reminds me of a child actually.