Are you confident in Bubble ben bernanke?

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    Saw this poll this morning on cnbc, never seen such a one sided opinion on a poll, I guess everyone knows Bubble ben bernanke isnt doing a damn thing right, I have been yelling this for years but all you bulls and Bubble ben bernanke fans think he is doing such a fine and dandy job. Bubble ben bernanke has fucked up this economy up more than its ever been fucked up before, remember that!

    Are You Confident in Ben Bernanke?
    Published: Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011 | 4:06 PM ET
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    The Fed makes its announcement on the state of the economy Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. Then at 2:15 p.m. Fed Chief Ben Bernanke will address the media in the form of a news conference. With that in mind, we want to know if you have confidence in the way Mr. Bernanke is handling the economy?

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    Do you have confidence in the way Ben Bernanke is handling the economy?


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    Bubble ben bernanke talking right now, just more worthless dribble, same repetitive boring nonsense that absolutely goes no where. He believes he is fixing a worthless economy when all he is doing is making it even more of a worthless economy.
  3. All of your statement's are worthless.
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    Everyone (and I do mean everyone) knows this is a scheme. We know without a doubt that this game of musical chairs will end with a spectacular crash.

    Everyone knows this.

    But when? Ahh, that's the quandary. Shit, ever since I took econ in college decades ago, I knew that I'd be @$$raped on social security. I just hoped that they'd cut me loose from the program by now. Admittedly, I max it out by summer time, but still - it's money down the socialist shithole that I won't see.

    But back to the subject at hand. Everybody is ready to pounce, slaughter this bull and enjoy massive steaks for dinner. So we'll have some false starts, some bears getting roasted. Not everyone can get rich, you see.

    There'll be an epic bear meal of more roast beef than has ever been seen in modern finance. It'll be legend. Just like we talk about tulips, people 200 years from now will talk about this event. It'll be fun. Something to brag about for the rest of our lives. Well, fun for us, anyway. It'll pretty much suck for most people.
  5. Bernanke Is Either Not Very Bright or Not Very Honest. He Admits He Doesn’t Know Why We Have a Weak Economy … But He’s the One Who Weakened It

    Too long to post whole thing but some funny tidbits:

    And William Poole, who recently left his post as president of the St. Louis Fed, is essentially calling Bernanke a communist:

    Poole said he was very concerned that the Fed could simply lend money to anyone, without constraint.
    In the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe during the Cold War era, economies were inefficient because they had a soft-budget constraint. If a firm got into trouble, the banking system would give them more money, Poole said.
    The current situation at the Fed seems eerily similar, he said.
    “What is discipline – where are the hard choices – when does Fed say our resources are exhausted?” Poole asked.


    I think people have to remember WHY the Fed was setup in the first place, then this all makes sense.

    The Q&A yesterday was a waste of time. Why not ask him: If conjoined twins were to play "Rock, Paper, Scissors," what would it look like?
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    As I said yesterday all he does is repeat the same pathetic nonsense and tries to avoid answering any question thrown at him, all he keeps saying is that rates will stay low for an extended period of time. Just to clue everyone in rates arent going anywhere anytime soon. This economy is so many years away from improving its not even funny. The last 2 years of "growth" is all because of the trillions hes pumped into this economy. Its all ARTIFICIAL growth, but no one seems to comprehend this. Every idiot out there thinks the economy is doing better, its not. Notice Japans economy over the last 20 years, that is going to be our economy, rates will stay below 1% while they try everything they can to stimulate it. As I said for the past couple of years you CANNOT force jobs on an economy, you can stimulate it all you want, but you CANNOT force jobs on an economy that's slowing. Our economy is done growing, the only growth this economy ever shows is when there are asset bubbles and over the last 20 years this economy has seen its share of asset bubbles which tells you organic growth is not anywhere to be seen in this economy. Bubble ben bernanke has not a clue what to do and I will repeat this over and over and over again, the credit crisis is still here, the recession is still here and Bubble ben bernanke thinks he is fixing this broken economy, hahahah.
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Watch how quickly Bernanke changes his mind on QE3 if the sandp blows through the multi month bottom today and starts heading south for the next couple weeks.

    If my memory serves me correctly didnt he try to stand his ground some time in 2008 and he came out and left rates unchanged, then 2 weeks after the market got shit all over he came out and dropped rates a quarter point.
  8. Sure I'm confident - - - that Ben's going to help completely trash the US economy.
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    The Fed always reminds me of that great line in the move 'Die Hard' where the excellent German Freedom Fighter (Alan Rickman) has it all planned.

    He knows just how bumbling the US Government is in the form of the FBI and says something like -

    "Gentlemen, I give you the FBI"

    Same with the economy -

    "Gentlemen, I give you the Fed"
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    As soon as the markets start to break support and the SPX breaks 1200 you can be certain Bubble ben bernanke will have QE3 ready to go, its all about propping up the stock market and he has said this many, many times. So in reality no one has to really worry about stocks falling to hard, anytime there is a dip which looks like its going to be a total collapse just buy because Bubble ben bernanke will be with the bulls every step of the way!
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