Are you buying this pullback?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by humble1, Sep 8, 2006.

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    SP 500 is traing at 1295.78 as I post.

    If you are, then state the technical reason whether it is price action or indicator and try to be as specific as possible. If you are not buying here, then state why. If you are waiting, then state what technical event you are waiting for. Thanks.
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    I'm short from 1311 in Sept. Small. Holding. I think there's a chance the high is in. Reminds me of 2000.
  3. Nope...still holding ES swing position SHORTS from 03:30 am EST Wednesday night after the EU market opened with a second night of weakness (also, I had a longer time frame sell signal about 4:00 pm EST Wednesday, so I waited until that night after the EU market opened to act on that signal. I have covered 1/2 the position so far and I will hold these through the weekend.

    I am still holding 1312.25's and I have a "profit lock" stop at 1305.25 (ESU6).
  4. humble1, for a different approach, take a look at Trading the Moon thread.
  5. Seems to be a pretty solid wall at 1306.25 and 1309.25 I dont the volume is going to be solid enough for a breakout either way.
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    R U buying here? or waiting for the breakout?
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    Buying or not? I don't have time for the moon thing.

  8. Yes....mixing moons with picking bottoms is not a good mix! :eek:

  9. somebody just did 3000 on the offer in the Es at 1309.25
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    BTW I am trading ER2 both sides of this choppy range here until something sets up for another decent move. I may start moving into some long side swings on individual stocks starting next there is my bias.
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