Are you as brave as a 9 year old girl?

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  1. You can really feel her adrenaline pumping in this video. Just the way she overcomes her fear of jumping is amazing for someone her age. Alot of adults cant do that.

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    I had major anxiety going to the top at lake placid and I wasn't even skiing, just riding the lift. forget that, if I could have walked down I would have.
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    I used to take the craziest risks when I skied as a kid. Jumped off 20 ft cliffs, chairlifts, off-course glade skiing. I really had no idea what I was doing. Makes me cringe a bit. Neuro-psychologists have mapped out a part of the brain that's responsible for risk-assessment and impulse control. Apparently, it doesn't fully mature until the early 20's. Which explains why kids and teens are prone to stupid behavior....