Are you annoyed by being called merely lucky?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qdz3se, May 10, 2004.

  1. qdz3se


    For many times, your fellow traders comment your performance simply as "Oh, this lad was just lucky". Are you annoyed by such comments? Why people seems never admiring people with luck. Will people never believe, appreciate, and admire luck ever get lucky?

  2. nkhoi


    if I lucky I won't came across you post.
  3. agrau


    Call it "science" and "determination" to arrive at your luck. Take a peek at Refer to Professor Richard Wiseman.

    I have read his book, and while this is nothing truly deep, it's fun and enlightening. Yes, some people are more lucky than others, and Wiseman states that it takes certain qualities to be more lucky than others. So pity those other traders for being unlucky - and congrat yourself.
  4. How much the market offers us would be luck; How much we can get from the market would be beyond luck.
  5. NO
  6. When it applies to them (or their firm) people are more inclined to think that it is due to their talent whereas when it applies to others ... :D

    Now luck plays a large part in life, in fact it is essence of life. Maybe ultimately every atom of universe is determined but macroscopically it is as if luck exists for us.

    Nevertheless scientifically you must always define the systems you are considering to analyse it. When we talk about luck there are two systems: self and the rest of the world. You can't control the rest of the world so when an event happen it is luck. For example a beautiful girl pass. This is luck from the world. Now you how you will react ? If you have bad manners and she contempts you this is not bad luck this is probably you. In trading it's the same, you have several opportunities that is due to luck but if you don't know how to cease them this is not bad luck.

  7. No, only keeps me to remember my present humble status.:D