Are you allowed to modify posts to make losing trades into winners?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by stock777, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Joe


    No, this is why we have a 30min time limit on edits.
  2. hughb


    Holy shit - Joe, take a look at that thread. The original post was quoted by another member 6 minutes after it was posted and it clearly shows the OP bought a call, but now it says put. It does indeed appear that he edited his post from call to put.

  3. lol, 30 minutes? I can make 5 billion a day with a 30 minute lag on a $5000 account.

    At the very least, you guys should be showing the edit time, not just the time of the original post.
  4. Hello


    Is this some kind of joke? You post EVERY single trade after the fact, and mostly dont even tell us what direction you wanted to go, until a few days after your posts.
  5. Shmuck, I've never called for the ban of anyone here for 10 years.

    Someone fraudulently posts a fake trade, and boasts of it afterward, mocking the other members of this site and taking them for fools.

    No, I'm afraid your perspective is farked.
  6. I second that.

    Section near the bottom:

    "Time to Wait Before Starting to Display 'Last Edited by...'

    "Time limit (in minutes) to allow user to edit the post without the "Last edited by..." message appearing at the bottom of the edited post."

    For example, ET could set a limit of five minutes. After that the "Last Edited" message would appear. It doesn't say if the time of that last edit would be posted as well, but I guess it would.

    Baron would have to say if that's feasible or not. IMO, it would definitely enhance the validity of "real-time" market calls.
  7. Joe


    Here's the thing, although he changed it I can't determine if it was a typo or not. We put the 30 min time limit in there to alleviate this issue, and it works well most of the time. In this case, just be wary of when he posts that it may have been edited.
  8. Lucrum


    And according to YOU you do just that almost every day.
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