Are you addicted to trading?

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Are you addicted to trading?

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  1. Is trading an addiction for you?
  2. At one point I think it was, but these days I`m actually bored with trading.

    I have bi-polar tendencies, so it may be just one those down periods I`m having lately. :)
  3. Perhaps bipolar tendencies is more the product of being a trader rather than any inherent personal qualities. I have manic-depressive tendencies myself.
  4. bat1


    I'm addicted to Porn and trading:D

    I use the Porn to help with the stress of trading..

    this could be a bad thing:confused:
  5. i think u have to be addicted if you ever really want to be good at it.
  6. I think there are two types of addictions that can draw a person to trading. The first is the obvious one, i.e. gambling, and the second is to puzzle-solving. The market is the world's most complex puzzle.
  7. I think the main question is how one deals with the addiction. Does addiction lead one to merely become a second to second balance checker, or repetitions of similar mistakes in different market conditions, or can he break from the trance and learn something.
  8. I enjoy trading, it is fun to me. It's just a big game. I am not sure how you can be addicted to a game. If your addicted you have a serious problem I would think. Learn to walk away once in a while.
  9. Lots of people are.
    I know kids who are completely addicted to those world of warcraft type games. (never played one myself).
    And my uncle is pretty much addicted to a series of primitive, basic games on his PC. Plays them for about 8 hours per day! Drives my aunt completely mad.

    I'd consider neither gambling or puzzle-solving to be my addiction, although if I had to choose, i'd lean more towards the 'puzzle-solving' element as far as trading is concerned.
    For me, it's a relentless desire to be able to unlock the key to the market so that I never have to 'work' again. I HATE work. I want to wake up when I want, trade and make decent money, and then actually enjoy life. In that respect, trading almost entirely consumes my thoughts.
  10. I'd say "puzzle-solving" can encompass the kind of "code-cracking" you're talking about. I don't hate work, I hate working for other people. None of their problems interest me. Although, I will say that I do have "a" key to the markets and I work all the time. In fact, I have to get up at 4AM to start watching the Euro, then start watching for trades on the ES at 6AM and can get a valid signal all the way up to 6PM, with the exception of between 8-9AM and 12-1PM, and some trades can end up being held overnight, so I put in at least a 12-hour day every weekday except Friday. I wish the "key" I'd gotten gave me better hours, but beggars can't be choosers. :)
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