Are you a type A or type B personality

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  1. I have always been curious about the relationship between personality types and the ability to trade stress free. I am a classic type A and tend to prefer short term trades. I trade futures every day and don't usually hold over night. I prefer to take many trades a day and exit quickly. I have to walk away from my screen with a stop in place to hold longer than 1 hour without getting trigger happy. I also tend to be very emotional about my trades and often get pretty physically and mentally worn out after a hard day of trading. Are there many stress free traders out there? I realize that the term STRESS in trading can be a wide open term. I would consider my self a stressfull trader because on an average I am not very relaxed. Yes I do have some pretty relaxed trading days but they are rare. I should have put a (none of the above) in the poll but oh well :)
  2. i am so laid back trading [life] i barely have a heart beat

  3. Who do you consider a Type B trader?
  4. Type B personality is someone who is more calm about things in general. Tends not to get emotionally worked up as easy as a type A. Type A is more excitable, has a hard time relaxing, likes to be doing something most of the time. When i am asking if you are a type A or B personality, I mean your usual state when not trading.
  5. if you are usually pretty calm about life in general you are a type B personality. If you are stressful while trading you would be a (type B trading high stress). If you are usually pretty emotional and high strung about life in general, you are a type A personality but if you can somehow stay calm while trading, you would be a (type A trading low stress) I would expect most type A to be a bit more high strung while trading but that is the purpose of my poll. Are there type A low stress traders out there? I have been trading about 5 years and have gotten past the swearing and smashing things stage a year or so ago but I am still pretty high strung while trading. That might never change because of my personality?
  6. If you delete your first post - you can delete the thread as well, and then reformulate your poll in a new thread. Seeming as there are no significant other posts by others yet, you still have time.

    BTW I consider myself very "high strung" when doing tight trades, but very relaxed to life in general. So it might be difficult for me to select an option in the poll.
  7. How do I vote? :confused: :confused:
  8. Most people will consider the term stress as a negative term. When I use the term STRESS in trading that could also be what alot of traders consider a positive thing. Like EXCITEMENT, THRILL, etc. that is still a type of stress and will wear you out just the same at the end of a trading day. When you can trade without getting excited or your heart beating faster then you are a low stress trader.
  9. ================================
    Type A is the turbo charged type;
    Type B may like to do lots of research, lots of the time,like
    I do

    There are personality blends for sure of the two types or four types, like Florence Littauer writes.:cool:

    Littauer , she gives helpful nicknames like to type a;
    Sanguine -''the talker''
    Choleric-'' the worker''

    Type b Littauer nicknames;
    Melancholy- ''the thinker''

    Phlegmatic-'' the watcher''

    It helps in understanding people;
    even with personality blends one of those nicknames will usually predominate.:cool:
  10. It's really part of the old classic temperament/personality classification, and a well-known system is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. There is an online temperament sorter, a questionaire, which calculates your type of personality, and even crossover mixes between types.
    I remember I did one years ago, and got something like ENXJ - where the X was for T and F factors giving a mix of "field marshal"-type and "teacher" type. It was available from University of North Carolina - but got removed after some complaints from the Keirseys. Still the test seems to be exactly the same.
    ENTJ - "field marshal" -
    ENFJ - "teacher" -

    It's actually quite cool beacuse a lot of famous personalitys are also classified. It really helps a lot reading up on the other types and seeing that they definitely are not part of your personality.

    Try the test on .
    The test is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Bosnian, Polish, Czech,
    Danish, Russian, Finnish, Ukranian and Japanese.
    The various temperaments are listed on .
    Also, the older descriptions (made from USENET alt.psychology.personality newsgroup discussions) from is available at : - the ENTJ trademark is expecially funny: "I'm really sorry you have to die."

    The summary (from 1993) is available here :
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