Are you a tradestation, metastock,wealthcharts, or TC kind of person

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mahram, May 8, 2006.

Are you a metastock,tc, tradestation, or wealthcharts type person

  1. metastock

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  2. wealthcharts

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  3. tradestation

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  4. tc

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  1. I use metastock EOD, and TCnet. I use metastock end of day only b/c tcnet doesnt have futures charts. How come the worden brothers havent added futures charting package yet. I heard a few years ago they were going to add futures charting to their line of products.
  2. what about Neoticker? I liked that product
  3. mktman


    Do you still use neoticker?
  4. nono, I only tried the demo, but I'd definately buy it if I wasn't using eSignal and wasn't thinking about switching to ProphetX. I do think it is a great product though, just thought it should be on the list too.
  5. how is prophetx like. I use esignal to. Are they reliable? Or do they make up for their cheapness by bringing on the surcharges?