Are You A Tina Turner Fan?

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  1. If so... and how could you not?

    Suggest buying the DVD of either/both the Netherlands concert in 2009 (when she was 69!)... and/or the Wembly concert in 2001... both are FAB and better than her CDs...

    These aren't just "good"... they are GREAT! (Just too bad they aren't Blu-Ray... but still worth it.)

  2. LOS ANGELES—Police officers arrested Tina Turner this week on suspicion of arson, reckless endangerment, and insurance fraud, following allegations that the legendary R&B; singer burned down her legs for financial gain.

    Turner insured her famous limbs for $3.2 million.

    The arrest is the culmination of a month-long investigation into the four-alarm blaze that injured three firemen, threatened nearby properties, and completely destroyed Turner's lower extremities. Payment of a $3.2 million insurance policy the entertainer had on her legs will be put on hold until after trial.

    stay tuned.....
  3. Crazy! Her 2009 concert tour earned $80 Million... how could she need money that badly?

    This can't really be true, can it? Well... even if she actually is that fucked in the head... she is/was still a GREAT entertainer!
  4. Addendum... apparently true.

    Funny quote... "Careless though it may have been, this was just an accident," Puterman continued. "Those legs were old and dry. Anything could have set them off."


    Regardless... still great concerts. (Who knows what makes rich, famous people do some of the stupid things they do... ??)

    BTW... $3.2Million insurance on her legs? They're fab for a 72-year old, but only "OK" compared to a REALLY great set of gams... like Maria Sharapova's!
  5. You suck know that?:D

    The Onion sucks too.:D :D
  6. That's what the Iranians said.
  7. Lucrum


    I have to admit, I never figured Scat as a Tina Turner guy.
  8. It's one of those situations where I only buy playboy for the articles, well, I only listen To tina for the legs.