Are you a real estate speculator?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by cashmoney69, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. How many years?

    What kind of real estate?..renting/ flipping...etc..

    Last yr me and my family lost about 100k on a flip that went wrong, but this year I'm looking to get back in, and risk some of my own money using real estate options... They sound simple.

    PM me if you have over 5yrs exp..I'd like to talk about this more.

  2. Only real estate day traders need apply?
  3. no, anyone.
  4. Lost 100k, beautiful. Maybe instead you could of put that to use for 2-3 years in trading?

    This is why I'm not considering real estate right now. Too many sharks, too many variables(fucking contractors), too much capital requirements and not enough liquidity, not to mention time frame. Why the fuck would you be a real estate speculator?
  5. Would you rather make 50,000 in 3 months or in one year?... Well in RE, you can make that in a few months.

    yea, our contractor sucked took 6+ months to finish the renovations because they have other jobs as well...not to mention the constant rain. I'd like to get into rentals, but it may be more of a headache than its worth.
  6. in Northern Ireland yeah... 56% average last year on all properties