Are you a programmer (poll)

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What type of programming were you involved in?

  1. Client Side

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  2. Server side

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  1. I used to do a little coding back in the day, but was never really any good, but I'm curious about those on here that are/ were programmers.

    1. What lang did you start with?
    2. What language do you know the best ?
    3. What was the coolest program you ever made ?
    4. How long have you been coding


    here's mine

    1. Qbasic
    2. HTML (not really considered a language though)
    3. A math program I made in VBS to help me solve formulas..wish i still had it.
    4. 3-4 + years (nothing recent)

  2. 1. I started with good old FORTRAN as a senior in high school. College was APL, Lisp, SNOBOL, Assembler, etc.

    2. This is kind of whack, but I spent about four years working on a compiler for Ada.

    3. In college, I had a summer job at a naval laboratory. They used PDP-11's there. I wrote a program that would send escape sequences to other people's terminals and screw with their heads. For example, one uptight guy there used to do his gas mileage every morning on the computer, so I would send an escape sequence to set his scrolling region to three lines. After entering his calculations, the results would scroll beyond the top of the window. Drove him nuts -- he eventually went to the manager to complain that someone was screwing with him, and she just laughed, telling him that it was all in his head.

    4. I consulted for about ten years. Altogether, about 20 years of programming before getting into trading...

    Great idea for a thread... you're going to get some interesting responses.
  3. andread


    1. Basic, when I was a kid. My first one I worked with was C++.
    2. At the moment Java, since I've been doing it for 5 years. Mostly for web applications, although recently I've been getting into Swing. I'm also pretty good at C++. I've done some C#, Pascal at the university, and now and when some simpler languages like VBA. And, although it's not a real language, I can't forget SQL, the omnipresent :)
    3. ummm.... maybe the one working with news. It was a client/server application for journalists in radio and tv stations.
    4. Professionally 9 years. Not professionally I can't really tell, but some more :)
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    I can say this, because its a fact...any search will tell you, a surprising number of posters are engineers, computer engineers, math sci quants or similiar.
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  6. 1. I took a C++ course as a freshman, first semester 1999.
    2. I code best in Java.
    3. Any one of the auto-trading programs I run. I've never really coded anything outside of trading, not including coursework.
    4. Well I'll count senior year in college. I took two Java courses. So, that makes a little over three years.

  7. 1. Started and ended with C++, absolutely HATE it.
    2. Only know C++
    3. Probably either the Geske Model or the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model for the term stucture of interest rates
    4. a year
  8. c language

    c language

    trading system software

    13 years programming
  9. btud


    1. What lang did you start with?

    It was BASIC for small home-computers with Z80 CPU and about 64K of memory. That was a long time ago, in the early 90's.

    Then it was Pascal, Object Pascal, C, C++, some Assembler, Visual Basic, and some other more exotic languages I used mostly in University projects.

    2. What language do you know the best ?

    Plain C (ANSI Standard). C++ is much better language and I am using it daily but if I am to be honest there are still things that are not completely clear for me. But if I take only the C part, 99.99% of it I understand.

    But overall, C++ and Java (or C#) are the pillars for any modern general programming project.

    3. What was the coolest program you ever made ?

    A framework for the pricing of generic financial contracts, using the MonteCarlo and PDE approaches. Exotics is a mild word, you could price almost any imaginable derivative contract using any market model that could be mathematically formulated in terms of continuous time stochastic processes. This project was coded in Java, initially, but ported into C# later.

    4. How long have you been coding

    Professionally for about 5 years. At an amateur level, I don't even rembember...over 15 years.
  10. oTzt


    1. What lang did you start with?
    Don't remember. Certainely was a Basic. It was on an Oric atmos (Do you remember the black and red keybord ?)
    Just before this one, my parents offered me a TI994A. I just remember the name of the only game I had on it : "Chisholm trail". In this time, you had to use a tape reader to save/load datas...
    The first "serious" program was written years later in ASM, using A86 (a shareware assembler which shipped with a book on assembly progrmming) : I had no computer at home, so I wrote lines of code on a sheet of paper at home, then tried to compile them at my job (where I was not supposed to do such things, but was not monitored either), then did note the error messages, tried to understand them and fix them back home, etc. Took maybe 3 month to finish !

    2. What language do you know the best ?
    Delphi (Object Pascal). Sadly enough, it is almost not used here, in France. So it's almost useless to me under a career point of vue.

    3. What was the coolest program you ever made ?
    The one I'm currently working on. The current one is allways my best prefered one...

    4. How long have you been coding
    Professionnaly : 8 years (professional recyling, riding the "Y2K cobol wave...").

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