Are you a profitable trader ?

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    If so how long did it take you to be profitable?
    Was it hard going where you are now?
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    You're going to get all sorts of answers here, none of them will be what you want. Best thing to do would be to go back through the old P/L threads, you'll soon work out who's for real, go and read their posts, most of them have posted their back stories at some point.
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    Yes and not by reading ET.
  4. I am down slightly from where I started this game a little over 2 years ago. I am the only member of this board who is down. Everyone except me is an ELITE trader and very profitable.
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    My very first trade ever was profitable. It took a couple days.

    No. The halfway house had an opening right about the time I was ready to move out of rehab.
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    As Craig66 stated, just read the Trading P/L threads here and then contact via private message to talk to anyone you're interested in. You can also review many other types of trade journals. Trading P/L threads and trade journals are all @

    Also, you should do the same at other forum locations, free real-time chat rooms on the IRC networks, follow traders on stocktwits network and so on.

    Yet, I'm not implying that if someone is profitable...they will post real-time trades or brokerage statements. The fact is that most profitable retail traders are not going to post trades or brokerage statements. Thus, you're never going to know whom they are because they are not going to respond to your simple question and say "I'm profitable and it took me X number of years".
  7. I was a broker, so I could trade corn spreads on zero margin

    my first account was started with less than $400

    when my uncle with no children died, he left me 4k

    I gave 2k to my wife

    so that's 2k plus about $375 initial investment

    I made some commissions along the way, and sold some managed acccounts and traded a litle opm

    but for 13 years, my main source of income was trading

    raised three kids with a stay at home mom and got them all off to college

    then I went into a death spiral

    fell in love with a trade

    closed out my winners to fund my true love loser

    and it finally brought me down

    and there I was, completely broke, zero dollars in my account

    took 9 years of working a real job (in business for myself) just to get back to trading

    and that was just a 30k trading account with about two years living expenses in the bank

    after 2 years, the trading account was 28k and the money in the bank was about gone

    then I discovered es and globex

    and I'm still living off that money

    but it took one hell of a kamikazie trade to get here

    like the man said, "Even if you try, you can't always be wrong."
  8. after I saw what a good deal globex was for the little trader

    I switched to

    and started trading ES exclusively

    it certainly wasn't a straight road up

    but I got into a groove as a scalper

    it was very stressful

    especially days when you would get stuck with contracts on the close

    and I would stare at the ceiling all night thinking, "Now what the hell am I going to do?"

    some of them turned out horrible

    but I saw how much you could make or lose by holding a few days

    and eventually I became a position trader
  9. life story in 2 min , I like it, thanks for sharing.

    What were you trading those two years where you ended up basically BE? Corn spreads?, then you went to ES, now you're at forex? How's FX treated ya thus far?
  10. yeah, mostly wheat, corn and beans, (some currency futures) Cattle, feeders, and hogs. No pork bellies, never traded them even once, in my whole life. Everything outright, no spreads.

    fx was great in 2012
    beginners luck

    very difficult so far in 2013
    switched strategies many times
    can't find my groove
    very worried

    just trying to protect my profits

    everday it looks more and more like gambling, and less and less like trading

    but I like it, very comfortable over there in forex
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