Are you a market neutral trader?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by giggollo, Sep 19, 2006.

When it comes to being market neutral,

  1. I consistently make a great effort to be balanced

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  2. Sometimes I will try to be market neutral but not always

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  3. I don't make any effort to be balanced

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  4. I would like to be more balanced but don't know how

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  1. Being market neutral means having around the same exposure to the long side as you have to the short side, so it doesnt matter that much whether the market goes up or down...

    Do you generally make an effort to be market neutral?

    If so, how does your market-neutral portfolio generally react to sharp moves in the indices, like today's YHOO/Thailand move?
  2. We once had a cat that was neutered. So I guess you could say it was market neutral.
  3. If I'm not delta neutral, I'm probably losing money.

    Large moves may be affected by carrying large gamma, but them's the brakes in this business.
  4. There is not such a thing as a market neutral position...
  5. Can u explain Science?
  6. Can any 1987-survivors tell us how being market neutral allowed them to survive that day or other similar events....

    Throughout your career, were there some days you wished you had been more market neutral?

    Did you make an effort to balance your positions after that day or are you still "living on the edge"?