Are you a Dollar bull or bear for the next few months?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Optional, Mar 30, 2009.

Will the Dollar (DX) be higher/lower/flat over the next quarter?

  1. Higher

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  2. Flat

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  3. Lower

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  1. Just want to see what kind of sentiment is out there.
    Will the Dollar be higher/lower/flat over the next quarter?
  2. Rally for the next few weeks and the bearish
  3. Major divergence on the MACD with the latest high on the US dollar basket. Looks like its intermediate term trend is lower. 80 before 90
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  4. +1
  5. janvir19


    I don't watch the dollar index but I have a target of parity (1:1) for the dollar/pound and the dollar/euro. I'm more of a fundamental trader though, so I'm probably at odds with most people on ET.
  6. Obviously, no one has a clue. Endless speculation of where instrument X will be at time Y is drivel. Many have said this, but somehow, people continue to put this garbage up.
  7. Well that's just dumb
    isn't that what trading is about?
    Speculation of where instrument X will be at Time Y?
    Or do you think trading is something else?
  8. No. "A few months" is not part of trading. It has been pretty much proven that the tradable aspect of the market is on the order of hours to a few days.

    But you cannot read chart patterns or indicators or price action, and decide where the dollar will be "in a few months." Trying to do so is called "a guess.

    In fact, it is well known that economists trying to make this kind of forecast pretty much have no value add.

    I know you may ask for "proof" but I will reply "try using" so I have saved 2 posts.

    Your simplistic grasp belies the unlikelihood you are a successful trader
  9. haha
    you are so full of shit I can smell it through the screen.
    by your rationale, all trading is a guess, unless of course you are day trading or swing trading, which I assume is all you do, so that must be the only way to succeed in this game.

    What I was doing was a sentiment check, which may not matter to your one-lot ES and YM trades, but it does when you are looking at the big picture.

    Inconclusive thus far for the poll, but we did find out how unsuccessful I am based on my poll question.


  10. You are a fundamentalist :D

    Out of interest how did you model your projections for parity ? Output, debt, moneyflow,contagion,Geithner, EMU sovereign debt divergences ???

    P.S. I am a MacroMosaic Trader
    #10     Mar 31, 2009