Are you a BEAR - be careful

Discussion in 'Trading' started by balda, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. balda


    % of NASD stocks above 50 MA

    readings are more extreme than August of 2006 and 2007

    % of NYSE stocks above 50 MA

    not as extreme yet. but close

    % of SPX stocks above 50 MA

    Almost as last August

    For Entertainment use only.

    Edit: links did not work so I deleted them

    go to

    use $SPXA50R, $NYA50R and $NAA50R

    change settings to weekly to get a bigger picture.
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    cool contrarian type indicator
  3. IF the markets truly shake out, breaking below 1200 this month and possible in Feb. I would not be surprise for a serious run up back to 13500.

    This is the start of a Bear and we can have one more run towards 14000 without surprise.

    However, the market must sell hard in the next few weeks in order for me to believe that we could run to the upside into the summer.

    Of course, Election Years are strange, as we can all remember with BUSH/GORE trading year.